King Me

All month long, we'll be working through our new series, "King Me". The cast of characters in Jesus lineage includes many famous (and infamous) kings. In preparation for the Christmas season, and the coming of the King of kings, we'll explore the line of kings who paved the way, and displayed our need, for our Savior.

Part 4 :: King Josiah Series Part 4 :: King Josiah

November 29, 2015
Pastor Jeff Fitzgerald
"King Josiah"

Part 3 :: King Manasseh Series Part 3 :: King Manasseh

November 22, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower
"King Manasseh"

Part 2 :: King Amaziah Series Part 2 :: King Amaziah

November 15, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower
"King Amaziah"

Part 1 :: King Rehoboam Series Part 1 :: King Rehoboam

November 8, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower
"King Rehoboam"