You were created in the image of God- significant, unique, and for a purpose. But a Sinister plot has been hatched to keep you from becoming who God made you to be. Throughout October, join us for Sinister. We'll unmask the maker of this plot, the deception of this plot, the temptation of this plot, and ultimately God's greater plan for your redemption.

Part 4- Redemption Series Part 4- Redemption

November 1, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower

Part 3- Temptation Series Part 3- Temptation

October 25, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower

Part 2- Deception Series Part 2- Deception

October 18, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower

Part 1- Sinister Series Part 1- Sinister

October 4, 2015
Pastor Keith Tower