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Part 2 Series Part 2

June 18, 2017
Pastor Keith Tower

Part 1 Series Part 1

June 11, 2017
Pastor Keith Tower

Giants in the Promised Land Series Giants in the Promised Land

June 4, 2017
Pastor Barry Tallis

Memorial Day 2017 Series Memorial Day 2017

May 28, 2017
Pastor Keith Tower


Victory 2017

Two Part sermon series that ties to our Victory VBS week

Summer 2017

Non-Series Messages from the Summer of 2017

Hidden Figures

The New Testament is full of amazing people, but some other amazing people aren’t as well known. Discover how God uses Hidden Figures.


Jesus willingly took scars upon Himself. And as you and I choose to make our life about His scars rather than our scars, something truly be


One of Jesus’ most common calls to people is to follow Him. But what does it mean to follow Him?

Guest Pastor Walter

Guest Pastor Walter from Overflow Worship Center shares our assurance of our salvation.

The Word

As you look to create a great year, make a "new you", or redeem your days this 2017, you too should keep The Word central.


Guest Pastor Marlan Mincks speaks on four basic principles to follow what God has called us to do.

Pastor Jim Critcher

Guest Speaker Pastor Jim Critcher from Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, VA.

Christmas Eve

Joint Christmas Eve service with Overflow Worship Center

Collateral Beauty

This Christmas season, let’s celebrate God’s answer to the collateral damage of sin…Collateral Beauty!

Divided States

We are residents of America, but citizens of God's Kingdom and as such have something unifying to offer to the "Divided States of America"

The Gift

A series focusing on the gifts of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


What if Jesus meant to love our actual neighbor

Even When It Hurts

A time of suffering is exactly the WRONG time to let go of God

Are You Who You Post To Be

Are You Who You Post To Be?

Back to School

As we grow in our faith we can look to the life of Jesus to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor.


What would it look like if you were on fire for Jesus?

Remember God's Blessings

Remember God's Blessings

Let Freedom Ring

Join us throughout July to find out who brings freedom no matter what you are facing, or who is against you.


God has used Caves to meet faithful people, have powerful conversations and show His power in extraordinary ways.

Summer 2016

Non-Series Messages from the Summer of 2016

You Are?

Discovering Jesus in His "I Am" statements. You may be surprised to learn just who Jesus says He is.

Life is Good

We will look at the simplicity of the gospel, yet the profound implications.

Get Up & Go

Ever wonder what makes Jesus rejoice? When we Get up & Go!

Sorry, Not Sorry

During February, we'll look at some of the most foundational principles to having healthy and fruitful relationships.

Pastor Morgan Stephens

Guest Pastor Morgan Stephens

Wait Loss

Much is lost when we don't "wait" on the Lord. We'll journey through the Book of Isaiah, and empower you to "wait upon the Lord".

Bryan Schwartz

Guest Pastor Bryan Schwartz shares about our identity and authority in Christ. Bryan was featured in the Holy Ghost Reborn movie.

King of Kings

This month, we'll look at the birth of our Lord and Savior with a fresh perspective on Jesus' role as "King of kings."

King Me

In preparation for the Christmas season, we'll explore the line of kings who paved the way, and display our need for a Savior.


You were created by God to be significant, unique, and for a purpose.But there is a Sinister plot to keep you from fulfilling that purpose.

Pastor Mike Watkins

Pastor Mike Watkins joins us to share his experiences traveling the world as a missionary and church planter.

Risky Busyness

Join us in September for our series, "Risky Busy-ness", and learn about God's answer for living life at a healthy and manageable pace.


Jesus, the original retweeter

Summer @ HighPoint

Summer messages


Mountain Top to Valley Floor

I "Heart" HighPoint

Celebrating 10 years of HighPoint this month with a series of messages that show the heartbeat of HighPoint.

Mother's Day

"Giving Birth in a Hostile Environment"

Catching Fire

The explosion of the early christian church.

Easter @ HighPoint

He is Risen!

Kuyasa African Kid's Choir

A special presentation of the Kuyasa African Kid's Choir, took over our service bringing their unique talents to worship and amazing testimonies.


Take hope...God leads His people to VICTORY!

50 Shades of GRACE

True fulfillment cannot be found by exploring the depths of human depravity. And lasting freedom cannot be found by exploring bondage.

3 Things God Does That Annoy Us

Pastor Marlan Mincks
In this message, we learned that there are things about God’s ways that challenge us, stretch us, and grow us.

The Voice

Does God speak today? If so, what does He want to say?

A Joyful Noise

Enjoy this inspired series from the Christmas season. Throughout "A Joyful Noise", youʼll get a fresh look at the events of the birth of Christ through…

Beyond Measure

God's intention for us is to live an abundant life, but for those who trust God and exercise their faith they will live a life beyond measure.


Get ready for a powerful two part sermon series, "Supernatural". The God of the Bible is supernatural and He calls us to lives beyond the ordinary. Come…


Failing is an inevitable part of life, but we aren't defined by our failings in God's eyes ... learn just what God has to say about #fail.